Echt and Midmar Churches Together
All are welcome!

Midmar and Echt Parish Church

All are welcome!

WELCOME to Midmar and Echt Parish Churches Together website.

Please see the News tab above regarding Congregational Meetings in May and June. 

For information on Holy Week and Easter services please see the Worship tab above.

Even if you haven't 'done' church in a many years, if you feel your kids are too noisy, your singing isn't great, you have too many doubts and questions or you have never been and have no idea what to do - trust us, we've seen it all before - because once upon a time that was us too. So we'd love to see sound like our kind of person.

In 2005, our congregations began worshipping together each Sunday, whilst rotating monthly the use of our two beautiful churches. We worship at 10.15am each Sunday in one of our two buildings. The Church yearly calendar provides details of where we meet month by month and is distributed throughout the Parishes.  Please click here to see a list of upcoming services.

Please contact the Minister if you would like to talk about a baptism/thanksgiving, wedding or funeral.

Echt Church

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Our Mission

Echt and Midmar churches are committed to 

working together to provide a place of welcome, 

Christian worship and fellowship to everyone.